We are an approved member of StartBANK

StartBANK is a common supplier register and industry network for you who want to deliver to construction, administration, insurance and real estate in Norway.

The StartBANK network gives suppliers the opportunity to compete on equal terms and contributes to the use of serious players. This creates new business opportunities for suppliers and reduces the risk for purchasing organizations.

StartBANK is managed by Achilles and is used by a number of buyer organizations to manage supplier information and risk, as well as to ensure that they only use reputable suppliers. Buyers use StartBANK to search for suitable companies that can deliver the products or services they want. They can also use several search criteria such as: delivery area, business ethics standards as well as information from trusted third parties to filter the suppliers. Third-party online information available via StartBANK: Brønnøysundregistrene, Arbeidstilsynet, Skattedirektoratet (MVA), Dun & Bradstreet, Direktoratet for byggkvalitet, Direktoratet for safety and public preparedness and Mesterbrev. If you register with StartBANK as a supplier, your organization will have the opportunity to make its own seriousness visible to all buyers in the StartBANK network. Registration in StartBANK will thus make the business visible to relevant customer groups in the industry and provide opportunities to win new contracts. The industry network StartBANK was started on the basis of a pilot project “Seriousness in the construction industry” and was launched in 2005 in collaboration between the National Association of the Construction Industry (BNL), the Norwegian authorities and Achilles. StartBANK is continuously developed to meet the ever-increasing requirements for documentation and the needs for risk management in the industry.

Read more about StartBANK here: https://www.achilles.com/no/community/startbank/