Hydro power

Torsnes Kraft


The power station was planned to be established in the mountains with a horizontal access tunnel with a cross section of approx. 35 m2, length approx. 60 m and sole at approx. Elevation 2. From the station out to Torsneselva, a separate drainage tunnel will be established with a length of approx. 70 m and a sole of approx. Elevation 2.

The drainage tunnel carries the operating water from the turbine and back into the upstream power station, an approximately 900 m long tunnel with a cross section of approximately 20 m2 and a slope of approximately 1: 7 is operated. Between the intake area and the tunnel, an approx. 500 m long and sloping hole with a diameter of about 1.2 m. The absorption capacity of the power plant will be about 3.1 m3 / s and turbine power about 7.4 MW. Intake at elevation 292 and station at elevation 4 gives a gross head of 288 m. Production is estimated at approximately 30 GWh / year.

Area of ​​responsibility

Risk management, purchasing management, engineering, construction management, engineering management, and tender management

Form of contract

Unit price contract



Project value

kr 45 000 000

Year of construction


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